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I’m Vicky, I live in Hertfordshire and, having been a National Trust member for most of my life, when my Nan died, I knew that I wanted to put some of the money she left me to purchasing life membership of the National Trust. So I did!

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I want to make the most of my membership, but I don’t want it to cost the earth. The National Trust handbook often has details of how to get to their properties by public transport, so that’s what this blog is about – seeing how easy it is to do this. I foresee a lot of walking in my future!

Hertfordshire is not a good place to live for National Trust properties – there are very few! So my adventures will generally involve more than just a bus – probably a train too – and therefore documenting these journeys may take a while, as the cost of train travel quickly adds up.

I also hope that by writing this blog and sharing my adventures, I might encourage more people to use public transport to visit National Trust properties where possible. Sometimes the information in the handbook/on the website/in the app is a bit brief and it can be daunting using public transport in an area you don’t know. With any luck, the details I hope to be able to share will make it less of a stress!

Please note: All information is correct at time of publication, but please do check – timetables and ticket prices are subject to regular changes.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your mission and am much looking forward to reading your blog. We have a printed and digital PDF ‘Getting Here’ guide as we’ve taken this information out of the handbook to save paper. Please do send me your email or postal address if you’d like me to email or post it you. Good luck on your travels!
    Very best wishes, Katie Bond

    1. Hi Katie, that sounds wonderful – I’ll be in touch by email. I have to say, I find that the app has enough information as a starting point usually, which is great – but if there’s more on offer, even better!

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