The Wimpole Estate and the ‘New Normal’

So, things aren’t quite going as planned this year, are they? I had every intention of visiting one NT property per month by public transport in 2020, and I had a triple visit planned for the weekend of 21 March. Now there’ll be no NTbB adventures for the foreseeable future – until it’s safe toContinue reading “The Wimpole Estate and the ‘New Normal’”

Shaw’s Corner – The Tour

As mentioned in my post about getting to Shaw’s Corner, I had noticed on the NT app that tours of the house were being offered. The tours, two per day at 11.15 and 12.15, are free of charge, but booking is required – either by phone or online, via the National Trust website/Eventbrite. I thoughtContinue reading “Shaw’s Corner – The Tour”

Shaw’s Corner – Getting There

There’s only one National Trust property that’s anywhere near me in central Hertfordshire, and that’s Shaw’s Corner, the country home of playwright George Bernard Shaw. It might be relatively close, but there’s no public transport to the door – the nearest bus routes all pass about 2 km away and so the last stretch involvesContinue reading “Shaw’s Corner – Getting There”