National Trust Life Membership

So, life membership of the National Trust isn’t cheap (at the time of writing individual membership is £1730), but it has its advantages. Individual life members are able to take one guest in with them, which is why Mr NTbB and I decided that, for now, I’d become an individual life member and Mr NTbB could be my plus one. It’s unlikely that Mr NTbB would want to go ‘National-Trusting’ on his own.

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What’s more, as I intend to be an NT member for the foreseeable future, and have been paying for joint membership for the last 7 years, this approach will pay off for me in less than 17 years at the current annual membership costs. At any rate, I was in the fortunate/unfortunate position of being able to use some of my inheritance from my Nan – and ultimately I bought the membership as a way to remember her.

When I took out the membership, I was assured that should we want to, we could change my individual membership in the future to a joint or family membership (at the additional cost at the time, of course).

In the meantime, I’m loving the +1 opportunity – it means I’ll be able to take lots of non-NT-member friends into properties with me!

Top tip: If you’re thinking about taking out membership – life or annual – bear in mind that if you sign up at a property they get a proportion of your membership fee to keep – in the same way that they receive money when your membership card is scanned. I made sure that I picked my local(ish) and most regularly visited property to sign up – and the lady who served me was very grateful!

Please note: All information is correct at time of publication, but please do check – timetables and ticket prices are subject to regular changes.

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