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While the title of this blog is National Trust by Bus, in many cases, the bus is just one element of my journey – for longer trips, I’m almost certainly going to be travelling by train too. To that end, I wanted to share my top tip for train journeys: the Two Together Railcard.

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Mr NTbB and I have a Two Together Railcard and it is worth every penny. A Two Together Railcard (TTR) saves you and a nominated person (the specified ‘two’) 1/3 on off-peak rail fares when travelling together. Living within a short rail journey of London, we’ve had a TTR since they came out in 2014, and without fail each year we’ve saved more than the cost of the card.

A TTR costs £30 for the year, but sometimes there are 10% discount codes available online, so it’s always worth checking. You can also put Tesco Clubcard vouchers towards the cost of a railcard; you don’t even have to have the full value available – part payment is possible.

A pile of train tickets

The TTR can either be issued as a physical card, which must be carried during travel or as a digital version, accessed on the Railcard app (available on iOS and Android). Again though, make sure that you have enough phone battery for your journey (especially at the end of a day’s adventures) as you may be required to show it on demand and a dead phone isn’t an excuse – you’ll have to pay the full price fare if you can’t produce it.

If you regularly take rail journeys with more than one person you can even have more than one TTR – you don’t even have to live at the same address. Of course, a TTR isn’t the only railcard option out there – there’s a whole raft of ways to get 1/3 off peak rail travel. For a round up, see this video on YouTube or take a look at the National Rail website.

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